ONE Quality Policy – Conform to Requirements

Dr. Edwards Deming (1900 – 1993), the father of Quality, significantly contributed to the transformation of the Japanese Industry to World Economic Power. Continuous improvement (Kaizen 改善)is based on the Deming Cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act which was updated to Plan-Do-Study-Act). This cycle is never ending as there is always a room of continuous improvement.

In 1980, the documentary “If Japan Can, Why Can’t We” sparked the Quality Revolution in North America, Europe & some of the Asian Countries, then the wide adaption to the ISO9000 Quality Systems.  Some of our Associates were working for some of the leading Quality Driven Global Corporations during this period.

Our experience has been that the use of Quality tools must be appropriate to the backgrounds of the workers who are the craftmen of the products.  The Deming Cycle is simple & cross cultural that is very effective to different levels of our operations.

(The Deming Institue is a nonprofit organizaion established to continue Dr. Deming’s work with a mission to inspire individuals and organizations to work collaboratively with the aim for everyone to win. (


Plan on the followings:  The target market,  Target customer segmentation,  Unique Value Proposition.  Mandatory Safety Compliance….The Information Technologies to be used..


Develop Procurement Function blocks in Technical block, Commercial block, Logistic block & Adminsitrative block.


Implement check points in the processes to control complying to the requirements in Quality, Safety & Sustainability


Act on the findings from the process control check points to find the root causes of the constraints and identify opportunities to improve the processes to manufacture comformed products & improve values to the ultimate customers


Our Expertise

Our Associates have experiences working for Global Organizaions in North America, Europe & Asia.  We have extensive experiences in all aspects of Manufacturings & Supply Chain Management in Lighting as well as Auto Parts, Softline & Hardline Products.

Our Procurement & Supply Chain Management Services enhance our client’s business by building the elements of their outsourcing block success, one at a time.


Our Quality

Quality starts from the beginning & is manufactured in all the Processes.  Doing Things Right at First time and Every time is vital to excellence.

We educate & monitor our manufacturing partners to achieve the same standard.

All partners in our Supply Chain strive to the most important standards of practices — COMPLIANCE, INTEGRITY, MANAGEMENT, BENCHMARKING IS PRINCIPAL to our operations