System rate wattage:64W / 83W / 128W / 167W / 258W / 318W
Typical input voltage:110-277VAC
System efficacy:110lm/w
System luminous flux@ 4000K:9000lm 11250lm 18000lm 22500lm 36000lm 43000lm
Working environment temperature: -25~50℃
lifespan:50000H, Warranty 3years



The K5HB is the lighting solution for a wide variety of applications and mounting heights. Precision-designed optics, multiple distributions, and a choice of lumen outputs and color temperatures make the energy-efficient K5HB the ideal solution for industrial, commercial and other high bay applications.
Mainly used in Manufacturing, Warehouse, Gym.

Replace traditional T8 or T5 HO fluorescent tube and 150-1000W HID, Payback less than 3 years
Multiple lumen packages available (9,000, 11,250, 18,000, 22,500,36,000 and 43,000)
Two Correlated Color Temperatures 4000K and 5000K, High CRI Ra>80
High efficacy output 135-140lm/w
Aisle, General, Medium optical distribution optional
Optional GE programmable LED driver
Available for 110-277V, 347V and 480V applications
Optional 0-10V dimming (10-100%) driver and motion detector
Long lifetime up to 50,000H
-25℃- 50℃ ambient environments
Mounting options includes pendant, chain, and hook


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